“Guest posting” also known as “Guest blogging” means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. This method is constantly used by writers, bloggers and freelancers around the world. Many even very authoritative blogs such as the New York Times accept other people’s articles.

Getting your guest post accepted on authoritative blog is the first step to developing an awesome portfolio. Showcase your creativity and writing skills. Guest blogging will help you grow your audience, make new contacts, build your social proof, boost your freelancing career, grow your social media followers and much more. In addition, you could connect with other professionals in the industry.

Does ModaBrain™ accept a guest posts? We pride ourselves on providing our community with timely, high quality and valuable content. To maintain these standards we has never accepted guest posts and will not accept any guest posts in the future.

On January 20, 2014, Matt Cutts mentioned on his blog that guest blogging has got too spammy and recommends staying away from it if you do it just for a SEO advantage. What you may not know is that search engines might start penalizing websites that accept guest posts or discount posts made by specific authors because a lot of junk content is being guest posted on the web.