My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine

In this article I will tell you about my experience of repairing my Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine. This is an expensive computer machine, for which it was not so easy to find a repairman.

My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine

What could be worse for a fashion designer than breaking your favorite sewing machine? It can only be worse when your favorite sewing machine breaks down, and you have a huge number of costumes that need to be sewn urgently 🤯. Yes, the master who sews to order always has not one machine, but at least two. But there is only one favorite. It always seems to us that it is she who has perfect lines, ideal speed and amazing sound, while the other machine has everything wrong: its lines are crooked and the sound is annoying and in general something is wrong with it. Therefore, the breakdown of your favorite sewing machine is always very unpleasant. Especially if the computer breaks down. And good sewing and embroidery machines are expensive: 200,000 - 550,000 rubles, so their repairs are also expensive.

In addition, for so many years of tailoring, I have not yet found a good master for sewing and embroidery machines. It is easier to find a master for an industrial machine or an ordinary household machine than for a computer sewing and embroidery machine. Therefore, when I noticed that when I turned on my beloved Husqvarna Viking Designer 1, something was cracking, I got worried, but continued to sew.

I decided to call the master only when the situation worsened 😅. More precisely, when something flared up when I turned it on, where the power cord connects to the sewing machine and there was a burning smell.

My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine

About 15 years ago, in Moscow, I knew only one workshop where Husqvarna computerized embroidery machines were repaired. Many years ago I was in this workshop, I needed to fix a factory defect in a sewing machine: change the fabric feed conveyor. In this workshop, craftsmen do not go home, you need to take the cars to them yourself, and this did not quite suit me, and besides, I was worried about the cost of repairs. The repair of such machines is not cheap. Therefore, I began to look for another master and this was my first mistake.

I have been looking for companies that repair Husqvarna and go home for a long time. Many sites say that they repair cars like mine, but in reality it turned out that this was only written on the site, but in reality they don’t deal with such cars.

As a result, I found a company and finally my machine fell into the hands of a master. I was struck by the fact that the master came almost without tools, and this is supposedly a reputable company 🤔.

The master dismantled the machine and said that the problem is in the board, but he cannot fix it now, as he does not have a soldering iron with him. But for me it was not a problem because I have everything. But in the end, he did not solder, but asked for a glue gun, which confused me a lot.

As a result, I paid 7,000 rubles for the repair of a sewing machine. But my joy passed after a couple of days when the problem returned.

Then I made a second mistake. I found a page on instagram of a sewing machine repairman with a large number of subscribers and good reviews. And my attention was drawn to the fact that on his page, among the photos of the machines that he repaired, there were many sewing and embroidery machines and there was a photo of the same machine as mine.

And here is another repair of my sewing machine. Here the master generally suggested removing the power button from my computer machine so that it turns on directly when I plug the power cord into the outlet 🤯. I was completely shocked by this offer. Those who have a computerized sewing and embroidery machine know how important this button is, in no case should it be removed.

This time I paid 2,500 rubles to repair a sewing machine that was still rattling. Before the master had time to leave, I began to sew, and the crackling only intensified.

Then I bought a new power cord and a new pedal for the car, hoping that this might be the problem. Their cost is 2760 rubles. The problem has not gone away, of course.

My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine

As a result, 12,260 rubles were spent, the problem with the machine has not been resolved and it is still cracking. I could not sew on it, so as not to burn the typewriter.

And now there is no other way out, how to take the machine to a special workshop. I found such a workshop at a store that sells computer sewing machines. I went to change the power supply, not repair it. The power supply for Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 in all workshops where I called costs 13,000-14,500 rubles, plus payment for the work of the master.

My machine was in the workshop for one week. I decided at the same time to change the revers button, which often did not work, since I use it often. But you cannot change one button, you need to change 8 buttons at once, they come in one piece. The photo below shows the buttons that I changed, they are clean and not erased, like 4 buttons on the right side.

My experience repairing a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing and embroidery machine

Total: a new power supply and new buttons cost 16,500 rubles.

If I had initially gone to this workshop, I would have spent 12,260 rubles less and, most importantly, I would have saved my time and would have done without the hassle. In addition, such workshops as in a specialized sewing store are better because they always have parts for expensive machines in stock and do not need to spend time ordering parts and waiting for them to be delivered. And it also inspires confidence that among those machines that I saw in the workshop, my machine was the most modest.

It’s been almost a year since I took the machine out of repair and there are no problems, the machine works great.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope that my experience will help you not to make such mistakes as I did and you will immediately give your favorite helpers into the hands of professionals 😃.