How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

In this article I will tell you how to sew a spectacular and memorable pink fringed swimsuit step by step. I like the design of this leotard because it looks good not only on an adult girl, but also on a little girl, and with minor changes it is suitable for rhythmic gymnastics, Latin American dances, and circus performers as well.

It was this swimsuit that I sewed for the singer, so I added more fringe in the hip area and as a result, the swimsuit turned into a full-fledged dress. At the end of the article I will show different types of this swimsuit.


  1. Sketch
  2. Required materials
  3. Cut the base of the swimsuit and the processing of the neck and cutout “drop” on the back of the swimsuit
  4. Decorating a swimsuit with a fringe
  5. Decorating a swimsuit with an appliqué
  6. Decorating a swimsuit with rhinestones
  7. Elasticizing the line of swimsuit panties
  8. Aligning the fringe
  9. Bracelets for hands
  10. Question/Answer


How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Necessary materials

  • Mesh beige (bought in the store “Esta”)
  • Supplex beige (bought in the store “Esta”)
  • Supplex pink (bought in the store “Esta”)
  • Fringe pink length 10 cm (4 meters)
  • Fringe pink length 20 cm (2 meters)
  • Applications

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Base cut, neckline and teardrop back

Usually, all materials stretch more along the weft (the width of the material) and less along the share (length of the material), while the mesh stretches more along the share, so I put the patterns not as usual along the share (warp thread), but along the weft, horizontally.

I first processed the “drop” cutout on the back of the swimsuit. If you are sewing a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, then the cutout on the back should be made smaller than I did. To do this, I cut out an even strip from the grid about 3 - 4 cm wide, you can cut the strips already. I put a strip on the cut “drop” on the front side of the swimsuit, sweep it, and then grind it off. If you have a knitted seam on a typewriter, then grind it, if it is not there, then you can use a regular straight seam. After I fold the strip to the wrong side and stitch it on the front side of the back with a zigzag seam, along the line of stitching the strip with the back of the swimsuit. I cut off the excess material.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Then I cut the pink details of the bodice, as well as the lower part of the leotard (panties) from beige supplex. I sewed the pink details on top, and I sewed the beige underpants inside out. When I sewed the same leotard, but for rhythmic gymnastics, I made pink panties, so I tailored them, just like the bodice on the front side (see different types of panties for such a leotard at the end of the article).

I sewed all the details on the grid with a zigzag seam. Sewing needles used super-stretch “Organ”. If you use universal needles, then the stitching will not be of high quality with gaps, so I recommend super-stretch needles.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

After that, I overlocked the shoulder and side seams, and also stitched together the two parts of the underpants.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

I processed the neckline and armholes in the same way as the “drop” neckline. I prefer to finish the underpants line with an elastic band at the very end of the tailoring, if the design of the swimsuit allows it.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Decorating a swimsuit with a fringe

Along the bodice line in this swimsuit, I made two rows of fringes. On the top row, I sewed a fringe 10 cm long, and on the bottom row, a fringe 20 cm long. I always level the fringe with an angle at the very end of sewing a leotard. At the end of the article you can see photos of swimsuits with one row of 25 cm fringes and 10 cm fringes.

Since in this case I don’t have this swimsuit for any sport, but for the singer, I needed to turn the swimsuit into a dress, so I cut out a skirt from the mesh, stitched the side seams on the overlock and stitched it onto the swimsuit along the line of the panties with a zigzag seam, cut out the excess mesh.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

On the skirt from the front, I made three rows of fringe, the two upper rows of fringe in two layers, and on the back, 4 rows of fringe and three upper rows of fringe, I sewed in two layers, so it looks thicker.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Swimsuit decoration with appliqué

First, I cut the appliqués into small pieces, then I seared the ends of each piece with matches, otherwise they would fall apart. She beautifully laid them out on the swimsuit, and then sewed the applications with hand stitches with reinforced thread.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Decorating a swimsuit with rhinestones

Then I sewed on all the big rhinestones, there are 89 of them on the swimsuit, and then I glued 1300 AB rhinestones in sizes 16ss and 20ss.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Elasticated leotard panty line

Then I measured the cutout for the legs with a centimeter tape, from the amount received I took 3/4 of its part - this is the length of the elastic band. The elastic was connected into a ring with a slight overlap and stitched. After I swept the elastic along the cutout for the legs from the wrong side, then, bending the allowances to the wrong side, I processed everything together from the front side with a zigzag seam. Cut out excess material.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Fringe alignment

I always use Italian fringe, it is of good quality, I like its density and the most important difference between Italian fringe and Chinese fringe is that Italian-made fringe can be trimmed and it will not crumble.

I lined the fringe with a centimeter tape, just pinned it at the angle I needed.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Bracelets for hands

For the dress, I was supposed to have bracelets on my wrists and bracelets with fringe for the upper part of the arm.

To do this, I cut out two appliques from a lace fabric, then connected the two ends of each appliqué with each other with an elastic band 1 cm wide, covered with pink supplex. The elastic was sewn to the lace with hand stitches. For the fringed bracelet, I took a 4 cm wide elastic band, connected the elastic bands into a ring and covered them with pink fringe. Then I sewed the fringe with hand stitches and sewed lace on top.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Then I glued all this beauty with AB rhinestones.

My stage dress for the future star is ready! I am sure that the singer will be charming in it and her career will go up! It is bright, memorable and dynamic: at the slightest movement of the artist, it will dance by itself! The Italian-made fringe is silky, it does not crumble, does not stray and does not get tangled, but smoothly sways in time with the movements of the singer.

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

Examples of swimsuits in the same design

How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit How to Sew: Fringed Swimsuit

If you are not an artist, not a gymnast or a singer, but just a beautiful girl who wants to be in the spotlight - this little amazing dress will make you the star of the evening on the dance floor in a club or at a theme party. All eyes of those present will be turned only to you - your dress will dance with you, emphasizing your grace and your every movement!

If you have any difficulties while sewing this dress or have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments under the article. I will kindly answer all your questions.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope that it was useful and interesting for you. If so, I will be grateful to you for the “like” that you can put under the article below or “dislike” if you did not like my article.

Question answer

Why do I sew on fringes after joining the side seams of the swimsuit, the shoulder seams, and even after finishing the neckline, armholes and teardrops?

I do not always do this, but only in some cases. I have already sewed a swimsuit with this design many times, so I know exactly in what sequence to sew it to make it more convenient and faster. If the appliqué in my finished swimsuit should go to the edges of the armhole, neck or side and shoulder seams, then in such cases I always grind all the seams at the beginning and process the edges of the swimsuit, and only then decorate the suit.

And it is also much easier to process the neck and armhole when the swimsuit does not have all the decor. The decor, and especially the fringe (there are 6 meters of fringe in this leotard!) make the suit much heavier, and this heaviness greatly interferes with the processing of all edges. Therefore, if you are sewing a swimsuit with this design, then it is better to sew the swimsuit first, and then decorate it.

Does the appliqué stretch and how do I sew it on?

The applique does not stretch, but it fits comfortably on the swimsuit and does not pull it together. I always sew such applications only with manually reinforced threads, without removing the swimsuit from the mannequin. If sewn on a sewing machine, then in my opinion it will be rough, not so beautiful, the appliqué will be fixed more rigidly and there will not be such a feeling of comfort as when sewing on with hand stitches.

Why do I sew a zigzag seam on my underpants instead of a drawstring?

I don’t like drawstrings, so I never do them. In my opinion, they look very rough, and even if you fasten the elastic in several places in the drawstring, the elastic is still twisted inside, this is not very comfortable and unaesthetic, so I always stitch the elastic with a zigzag seam. A straight line will burst very quickly, so I advise you to sew everything and always on a swimsuit only with a zigzag seam.


Swimsuit creation date 2018-04-15