Decorating a handbag with a leather mask

Every girl wants to be special and somehow stand out. Unusual accessories are well suited for this, but unfortunately it is not always possible to buy something unusual in the store. In this article, I will tell you and show you how you can turn an ordinary handbag into a creative and designer one.


  1. Required materials
  2. Decoration

Necessary materials

We take our old boring handbag or buy a new bag made of genuine leather or leatherette. We choose a bag not of a very small size, but such that it has a place for decor and there are no extra parts and pockets that will interfere with decoration.

The materials we need:

  • Bag (available at Caro or H&M)
  • A piece of genuine leather measuring approximately 40 x 40 cm (leather can be bought at Tavro)
  • Plastic mask (can be bought at the Leonardo store)
  • Glue “Crystal” (in the store “Leonardo”)
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

Decorating a handbag with a leather mask


And now I will tell you and show you the process itself, which will take you no more than an hour.

  1. We take an old newspaper, set the table so as not to stain it with glue.

  2. We take a mask and before we start pasting it with skin, we will try it on, rehearse how we will do it, otherwise you can ruin everything. Have you tried? Then we move on to point number 3.

  3. We coat the mask with glue, but not all at once, but the central part, starting with the nose, then the eyes, lips. Do not stretch this process for a long time so that the glue does not have time to dry.

  4. Next, take the skin and put its central part on the central part of the mask and begin to form the “face”. Fitting the nose and lips with skin so that there are no folds and creases on them. With the reverse side of the paint brush, we help form the recesses of the lips and nose. Gently and more skin is pressed into the eye openings on the mask to shape the eyes. To do this, with the thumbs of both hands, hold the skin in the eye openings for a couple of minutes so that the skin sticks to the mask. On the sides of the nose and lips, you can pick up the skin a little with small folds. It is necessary to work out the mask for several minutes with pressing movements so that the glue sticks well. Decorating a handbag with a leather mask

  5. Then glue the rest of the mask with glue and glue it on. On the cheeks, the skin should be gently straightened. Decorating a handbag with a leather mask Decorating a handbag with a leather mask

  6. When the mask is completely glued, attach it to the place on the bag where you are going to attach it.

  7. Then glue the skin on the back side near the mask with glue, but not all, but 4 centimeters. The ends of the skin should be left without glue.

  8. Now attach the mask to the bag. Make sure the mask is properly centered and make nice creases. On wet (treated with glue from the back) skin, this is easy to do. Form folds with your fingers by pressing the skin and turning it slightly. Done? Now point 9.

  9. Now, once again, firmly press down with both hands the points of contact between the glued skin and the bag. Hold it for a few minutes so that the glue sticks well. Decorating a handbag with a leather mask

Voila! Your creative handbag is ready! Now you can go shopping with her friends and catch the admiring glances of other girls who don’t have such a handbag!

Decorating a handbag with a leather mask Decorating a handbag with a leather mask

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here and decoration takes very little time. But you can definitely be sure that you will not meet anyone on the street with the same handbag!

Everywhere I go, they always ask me where I bought it. What is this brand? Of course, not everyone can walk around the city with such a bag; for some, this bag can even terrify. But my main goal has been achieved, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Next time I will tell you how to make a handbag with a big rose and even a crocodile!

Thank you for reading my article. Do not be afraid to shock people with your unusualness and create your own original handbags. I hope that my article will help you in its implementation :smiley: