Decorating a bag with a big red rose

All girls love handbags and the more, the better. And the more unusual the handbag, the more it attracts attention. But each of us wants to be unique and we all like to be in the spotlight.

I will show you how you can decorate a handbag with a large rose. Such a bag does not shock with outrageous decor, like a bag with a mask, the decoration of which I showed in this article. She has a different character, but she is beautiful, stylish and original in her own way. And no one else has one! You cannot avoid the attention of others and the envy of your girlfriends with such an accessory.

First, we need to buy a red bag or find a suitable bag in our closet from our old stocks. The bag should be without bulging pockets on the front side, because they will interfere with decoration. If the pocket is flat, you can simply close it with a rose.


  1. Required materials
  2. Decoration

Necessary materials

  • Red bag (bought in the store “Karri”)
  • A small skin of genuine leather in red color (bought in “Tavro” or you can use your old leather skirt that is out of fashion)
  • Glue “Crystal”
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or regular candle.

The size of our bag is 40 x 25 cm. The size of the rose is 26 cm.

Decorating a bag with a big red rose


And now I am telling and showing you the process of making roses from genuine leather.

  1. To begin with, cut out one petal from paper the size of an ordinary rose petal. You can even take a fallen petal of a living rose and circle it on paper. This will be our petal pattern. Next, we cut out 2-3 petals from the skin, but smaller than our sample. Decorating a bag with a big red rose

  2. We make the core of the rose. Let’s rehearse without glue first. Several times try to beautifully fold the petal with an inward movement, and at the end we turn the end of the petal outward. Your hands should feel the material, that is, natural leather, and your fingers should easily twist and spread the petals. Decorating a bag with a big red rose

  3. To make the petals voluminous and look like a living rose, we will process them a little with a lighter or a candle. To do this, just hold the petal a little over the flame of a candle or over a lighter. Watch as the edges of the petal begin to curl. Happened? The main thing is not to overdo it so that the petals do not burn out and do not turn black on top. Decorating a bag with a big red rose

  4. Lubricate the first petal with glue, but only its lower part, and twist it inwards. Then another one, but fry the edge of this petal over a candle flame or a lighter. We form a beautiful core by turning the edge of the petal outward. Press down with your fingers and hold a little so that the adhesive surfaces stick together well. Next, fry the next petal over the flame and apply it to the core. To make everything stick together well, you can fasten the bottom of the core with a paper clip for a few minutes while we cut and prepare the next petals.

  5. Next, you need to cut out 4 - 5 petals and process them over the fire. They can be of any shape, but one edge must be rounded. Now we can begin to form a rose and we will already glue the petals.

  6. Each time we cut out a few larger petals than the previous ones so that the rose is more interesting. The tip of the petal can be rounded or made sharp, like a heart. Decorating a bag with a big red rose Decorating a bag with a big red rose Decorating a bag with a big red rose Decorating a bag with a big red rose Decorating a bag with a big red rose

  7. When the rose already looms well, we try it on our purse and determine what size the whole rose will be and determine the size of the largest petals. We will have 6 of them. The shape of the petals can be arbitrary, we determine their size by eye. We try to cut the petals from the skin sparingly: so that there are as few scraps as possible. One edge of the rose, which will be on the outside, is slightly rounded and processed over the flame so that the petal arches beautifully. And then in a circle we lay out large petals on the bag. We put a small rose inside, but do not glue it yet, but only try it on. Then we mark on the bag the place where we will attach the rose and mark with a little chalk the places where the large petals are attached. You can simply glue the rose to the bag, but it is better to gently pierce the bag in two places with an awl and sew the rose to the bag with strong threads for the skin for greater strength.

  8. First, we will make and glue large petals on the bag. To make them look beautiful and voluminous, you need to pick them up a little at the base. We glue the petal not completely, but only the part that is closer to the base, and we collect a little there. In places of gluing, press firmly and hold for several minutes for better gluing. Leave the ends of the petals unglued. Decorating a bag with a big red rose Decorating a bag with a big red rose

  9. At the very end, we attach (sew) a rose in the middle, additionally glue it dotted in several places. Decorating a bag with a big red rose

The process of decorating the bag is completed. This is the beauty I got! The rose looks voluminous, it is gentle and attractive. In order for the rose to be more lively and refined, I made it from thin leather, I did not glue the petals completely, but only at the base. Such a handbag will please not only me, it will also cheer up others. Decorating a bag with a big red rose

When my bag was ready, I decided to walk around the mall with it. All the girls looked at my bag with surprised eyes and asked what brand it was and where I bought it. The consultants in the departments selling bags did not especially hide their enthusiasm and compliments. They were very surprised to learn that I made this rose with my own hands, which radically changed the look of the bag. Wherever I am, I hear words of praise about my handbag everywhere.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope that you liked my master class on a handbag decorated with a rose made of genuine leather. I’m just sure that everything turned out beautifully for you, too, and now you have become the owner of an unusual beautiful handbag!

In the following workshops, I will tell you how to sew a genuine leather bag with my own hands, as well as an A4 paper folder and a purse.

If you want to have the same success, be bold and make the same rose with your own hands. You will succeed. I’m pretty sure of it :smiley: